Make-A-Wish Day: LOCO partners with Mod On Trend for fundraiser


Angie Jia

Browsing through racks, LOCO senior class representative Emily Lofgren shops for a new sweater at Mod On Trend. Lofgren helped organize the fundraiser and spread the word on social media. “I was so excited to hear that LOCO was holding a fundraiser with Mod,” Lofgren said. “I get to shop at one of my favorite stores while also contributing to an amazing cause.”

Longhorn Council (LOCO) is holding a fundraiser at Mod On Trend, a local boutique, Nov. 16 in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

The event was set up because Mod On Trend previously worked with senior and Make-A-Wish ambassador Madi Foppe who modeled in their fashion show last year.

“Mod actually reached out to Make-A-Wish when they found out that [Foppe] was partnering with us,” LOCO sponsor Emily Lovercheck said. “They asked if we wanted to do a day where 10% of the proceeds would go back to Parkway West’s Make-A-Wish campaign.”

Senior and LOCO philanthropy chair Lily Stiegemeyer focused on creating easy ways for people to get involved in donations and school events.

“Hopefully, we will raise $10,000 this year, and we’ve already raised $5,800, which is a really big deal compared to past years,” Stiegemeyer said. “It’s really exciting that we have already raised that much, and the community has been super supportive.”

Wishes come and go, but every little bit helps in reaching our $10,000 goal,”

— LOCO Sponsor Emily Lovercheck

Students and community members can participate by showing a flyer on their phone when they checkout at the boutique. The flyer can be found on LOCO’s Instagram page.

“I feel like getting involved and donating really does help because without the donations they really can’t help other kids with their wishes,” Foppe said. 

Foppe’s own wish was granted last year when her health stabilized. Her trip, a Southern Carribbean cruise, is scheduled for January.

“I didn’t really care where I went,” Foppe said. “I just wanted to go somewhere since my doctor said I couldn’t go out of the country until my central line was taken out.”

The proceeds from the event will go towards granting either one wish or multiple wishes. It takes about $10,000 to grant a wish for a single child.

“In May, once we have the total funds raised, we will find out who the money is going to help,” Lovercheck said. “Wishes come and go, but every little bit helps in reaching our $10,000 goal.”

Although Make-A-Wish Day partnering with Mod On Trend is a brand new fundraiser, LOCO hopes for participation from the community in support of the cause. 

“I think Make-A-Wish is an awesome organization,” Foppe said. “They have been amazing, and they have changed my life.”