Seniors reflect on the time spent with their instruments during high school


Maddie Cooke

Directed by Ed Sandheinrich (not pictured), juniors Ronik Bhaskar, Dennis McMorrow and Daniel Yu play their instruments in Symphonic Orchestra. All levels of orchestra participate in the reflection by playing songs that they are able too that the seniors choose. “It’s different every day, a new adventure every day, and it keeps things fresh,” Sandheinrich said.

The Orchestra program is putting on one last ‘hurrah’ for the seniors by allowing them to pick the music for the Senior Reflection ceremony.

I think that the songs we are playing at Senior Reflection shows just how unique and diverse we are, but also how special and significant we are too,” senior and violinist Abbi Bozue said.

Orchestra is broken up into three levels: Concert for freshmen and Chamber and Symphonic for upperclassmen. Because the more experienced seniors chose the songs, Sandheinrich determined whether Concert could learn them in time and made decisions from there.

“Every new song we get, I always think ‘I will never be able to play this,’ but in the end, I always do,” Bozue said. “It amazes me how far I’ve come, from playing ‘Hot-Crossed Buns’ to now being able to play movie soundtracks or pieces composed by Mozart.”

Senior Kristina Humphrey, while excited to graduate, is sad to leave Orchestra.

“When I realized that it was my last day in class, and I was walking to another teacher’s room I just started crying,” Humphrey said. “Orchestra is the one class in high school that I am truly going to miss.”

The concert and ceremony will be held May 17 at 6:40 p.m. in the main gym. Just one day before the senior graduation ceremony.

“I chose ‘Firewalk’ by Sean O’Loughlin. The first time I played it was in middle school. It’s just such a fun, lighthearted but lovely song, and I like to think that that resembles me a little bit as a person,” Bozue said.

Humphrey chose “Wiren Serenade for Strings, Op 11: Mvt. 4, Marcia” because of its upbeat tone. These are just two of the 13 songs performed by the orchestra at the concert. 

“The seniors had from February or March to choose their songs. Those few months were usually the most reflective,” Sandheinrich said. “It’s the last time some of these kids are gonna play their instruments together, or at all, so you’re gonna miss them.”