Seniors reflect on the time spent with their instruments during high school

Directed by Ed Sandheinrich (not pictured), juniors Ronik Bhaskar, Dennis McMorrow and Daniel Yu play their instruments in Symphonic Orchestra. All levels of orchestra participate in the reflection by playing songs that they are able too that the seniors choose. “It’s different every day, a new adventure every day, and it keeps things fresh,” Sandheinrich said.

Ross Harter, Staff Writer

May 17, 2019

The Orchestra program is putting on one last ‘hurrah’ for the seniors by allowing them to pick the music for the Senior Reflection ceremony. “I think that the songs we are playing at Senior Reflection shows just how unique and diverse we are, but also how special and significant we are too,...

Musicians flourish with auditioned bands

Freshman Caleb Upchurch plays the french horn in concert band. “I think band has been fun so far, and the level of music is about average,” Upchurch said. Currently in the process of selecting what to play in their October concert, the students are playing a wide variety of pieces from Robert Sheldon to Caesar Giovannini.

Nell Jaskowiak, Opinions Editor

September 7, 2018

Walk down the music hallway at any given time of day and there is probably a band student working in a practice room. Come back during third, fifth or sixth hour and find a full band rehearsing their pieces, sound spilling into the science hall nearby. With an actively growing program, band director ...

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