Girls varsity basketball team looks for players to take on new roles headed towards districts


Zoe DeYoung

Senior guard Tess Allgeyer stands at the top of the key and searches for a play to make. The team makes a point to learn from their losses and improve their strategy each game. “We regularly reflect on our progress and talk about lessons learned from difficult losses, but also the wins. If we continue to get better each day we play, we will be ready [for districts],” Boedecker said.

With the 2019 season already underway, the girls varsity basketball team is pushing players to fill new roles to end the year with a strong finish.

“Our goal is to continue to focus on the regular [season] games we have left so we can then direct our attention on districts and creating a game plan. We are fortunate to have amazing girls that play in our program, and these players regularly step up when we need them to,” head coach Allie Boedecker said.

Shortly into the season, senior guard Tess Allgeyer suffered a concussion that led to a shortage of players on the court that JV players needed to fill.

“[The concussion] throws a curveball into the routine of the team. With this, we are going to have people step up and lead, so a lot of lineups have changed, but everyone has done a really good job in stepping up and doing different jobs,” Allgeyer said.

Sophomore guard Leah Selm has been working to contribute to the team’s effort for districts.

“People have to step up and fill Tess’ role because she was the main point guard [with 257 total points] on the court, and I try to help out and take care of the ball and make plays when I can, but others on the team help out with that as well,” Selm said.  

The team uses practices to experiment with the different roles in preparation for district play.

¨There are so many specific reps that we practice over and over again, but for the most part we make the best of [the drills] and try to find some fun in it, which makes it more enjoyable,¨ Allgeyer said.

After starting the season 0-6, the girls have battled back to end with a 9-16 record.  

Ultimately, the girls are the ones that play the game and the ones that have made this season as successful as they have thus far.  We have already improved greatly from last season [8-18] and are not done yet. I am proud of how hard the girls have worked this year,” Boedecker said.

The team plans to continue pushing one another through the end of the season and into districts play.

“We knew that a lot of the other teams we play are some tough competition, so we went into games not being defeated, but just ready to play basketball,” Allgeyer said. “Also, I think as the season went on, we really molded as a team, so that made it more exciting to play on the court with everyone.”