New coaching staff brings changes to girls basketball


Maya Loy

Coach Josh Gannan goes over the game plan with the girls JV basketball team as they take on Fort Zumwalt North High School. The team lost to the Panthers 23-29. “Our main goal is to always be improving,” Gannan said. “You never start out your very best, but if you can see little bits of improvement throughout the season, you know you are doing something right. I have been very proud of the girls and their work ethic to turn things around and become better players.”

Girls basketball adjusts after a new addition to the coaching staff as they welcome new JV coach Josh Gannan and freshman coach Tim Clark.

“Both coaches have a strong basketball background, but more importantly, they have the ability to create strong relationships with the players and parents,” varsity girls basketball coach Allie Boedeker said. “Both have enthusiasm and a passion for the game of basketball.”

Clark previously coached basketball in the Marine Corps and at Parkway North.

“I enjoy working with young people to help develop them not just as a basketball player but also as young adults,” Clark said. “I like the level of competitiveness that comes with coaching and watching a group of people work together to achieve goals both individually and as a team.”

Gannan has coached at Gallatin High School, South Harrison High School, Marceline High School and St. Clair High School.

“I love coaching,” Gannan said. “I love seeing two teams compete at a high level. Watching the girls play is always fun. They have really made this year a blast for me, and they are always joking around and having a good time. That is great to see.”

Both coaches have contrasting coaching styles that help their teams to be successful; the girls freshman team has only three games so far this season.

“Each coach is very different,” Boedeker said. “Coach Clark brings a calmness and high expectations. Coach Gannan brings humor and attention to detail. They both support the ultimate vision of our basketball program and see how we are all working toward a common goal.”

Boedeker also made adjustments to their practices by having all three levels practice together to help welcome the new coaches and get a feeling of synergy for the entire program.

“We started the year out practicing a lot together,” Boedeker said. “We put in both our offenses and defense together, so all teams heard the exact same instructions. Each practice, we also start out together with warm-up and stretching, along with any drills we need to do program-wide to create unity.”

While the freshman team has a winning record, the girls JV team is bouncing back going 6-2 the past 8 games.

“I am completely satisfied with what we have accomplished during the season,” Clark said. “I have seen growth both in maturity in decision making and growth in the girls level of play.  We are a highly competitive team with the ability to play anyone.”