Senior Will Cremeens finds himself through Jesus Christ


Caroline Judd

Holding up a Billy Graham devotional book, senior Will Creemens proudly displays his faith. Each day, he reads the devotional and accompanying verses for that day. "There's a lot in [the book] about accepting the people around you which we don't always do," Creemens said. "We're in such a divided world, so it's refreshing to have a devotional saying what God wants us to do and a verse that explains it too."

Feeling empty and without purpose in life, senior Will Cremeens found Christ and a community. His older brother convinced him to attend an evening youth group, Krew, at Chesterfield Presbyterian Church. Shortly after attending, Will committed to a new way of life.

“Before I found my faith I wasn’t living for anything greater than myself. It was impossible to feel fulfilled,” Will said.

He was first drawn into the new group by the atmosphere of the Wednesday evenings meetings.

“I got to participate in creative games and activities. No one was judging anyone and it felt welcoming,” Will said. “As I continued to go, I felt the love that the people gave me. A pursuing love. When someone pursued me it made me feel wanted, and that is what I received from the community of Krew. I feel that everyone should be able to feel that sort of constant care,” Will said.

Before attending Krew, Will had limited friendships with people his own age and relied on his older brother and his friend.

“I didn’t have a community of my own. I couldn’t rely on just two people to help me every time I felt down. I was limited, now I have a community surrounding me and it’s so much easier to stay true to my faith,” Will said.

Caroline Judd
Creemens displays the necklace he wears daily. The necklace contains a carving of Saint Christopher. “It’s a Catholic necklace, but I’m not Catholic,” Creemens said. “My aunt got it for me five years ago, and since she means a lot to me, I never took it off.”

Once Will became immersed in Bible studies and other religions, he gained a platform on how his religion relates to others.

“Learning about my religion gave me more knowledge. I did not know that Jewish people read the Old Testament. Since I’ve read some of the Old Testament, I can have the conversation with them about it and bring in the New Testament, which they don’t believe in,” Will said. “It’s a conversation platform.”

Christianity led Will to become more accepting of others; his new mindset allowed him to discover his own fear of how others perceived him.

“When I first started taking these steps towards a more devoted life to religion, I was most worried about what other people would think. I was worried people would wonder ‘what happened to the old Will Cremeens?’,” Will said. “I eventually overcame that by not caring because I knew it’s what I wanted to do.”

Will’s commitment has changed his life trajectory as he has decided to go into the ministry as a part of his higher education.

“I would have never thought four years ago I would have wanted to go into that, but I’ve decided I want to change other people’s lives and give them the love my supporters have given me,” he said.

Christianity has provided Will with a greater purpose.

“Christianity gives me the ability to spread the word of everything I learn, love and acceptance,” Creemens said.