Students collaborate to produce original film “Glitch”

Senior Emily Foy and juniors Dani Fischer and Kristin Priest went on a self-led expedition to write, film and produce an original short film this semester. They did this through an independent study sponsored by business teacher Laura Glenn.

“[Foy, Fischer and Priest are] awesome, amazing, hardworking, fun students,” Glenn said. “I knew they could [make a movie] based on what I saw from them in the Multimedia class.”

They started the process of creating their film, titled “Glitch,” after each taking Glenn’s Multimedia class for at least one semester. Additionally, Fischer wanted to further her creative writing skills after taking both Creative Writing 1 and 2.

“[Foy and Priest] had already taken Multimedia 2 and wanted to continue with filmmaking, and I wanted to continue with creative writing, but I had already taken Creative Writing 2,” Fischer said. “We came together to make a film. It was a perfect blend of people with different talents.”

Always question the world around you and never accept things at face value. Just because someone tells you something doesn’t mean it is true.

— Dani Fischer

The movie is about challenging the world around us and creating your own identity. Set in an entirely teenage world, the main character attempts to connect the knowledge she has learned from books with the realities of her life.

“Always question the world around you and never accept things at face value,” Fischer said. “Just because someone tells you something doesn’t mean it is true.”

Fischer has learned a lot about organization while developing this movie from start to finish with Foy and Priest.

“It’s really organized; they really have their stuff together,” leading role and junior Bella Meara said. “They’re even bringing a lint roller to filming [for our costumes].”

The script writing process took about six weeks, and the movie itself is projected to be about 28 minutes. The creators are planning to show the movie after school once it is finished, but the date is to be determined.

Dani Fischer
Junior Bella Meara and senior Emily Foy work in Anniversary Park to produce the student-made film “Glitch.” Foy worked with juniors Dani Fischer and Kristin Priest to write and film the short movie for an independent study this semester. “I’ve learned [through making “Glitch”] that no matter how much you plan for something, it’s never going to turn out exactly the way you thought it would,” Foy said. “Sometimes the end product is better than the original plan.”

“The screening would be a good way for fellow students to see our work,” Fischer said. “Also, the actors could see all their hard work pay off.”

The cast for the movie has already been selected through an audition process that included a script reading. The entire process was new for the creators.

“None of us are actors or actresses, and we don’t know what auditions are supposed to look like,” Fischer said. “At the auditions, we were just as nervous as the first couple people who came in.”

Meara auditioned for the movie after being involved in stage acting with the West High Dramatics Company. Senior Kennedy Brown also has a main role. Other cast members include math teacher Patrick Mooney and science teacher Anthony Piccinni’s snake.

“[Meara] had contacted me the day before saying she wanted to come in and audition, and she blew us away,” Fischer said. “Other people came in and totally surprised us, and we actually changed the script to include people [that we liked].”

Meara tried out on a whim simply because she enjoys film.

“I had no expectations for it,” Meara said. “I want to see how the process goes; I’ve only ever acted on stage.”

Throughout the film writing process, Fischer has learned the importance of trying new things and hopes that other people will follow that example.

“We want people to be able to try something new and step out of their boxes,” Fischer said. “This is all about new experiences.”