How acting changed sophomore Patrick Clover’s life


Scott Schwartz

In the play, sophomore Patrick Clover plays Phil, a narrow-minded character.

Sophomore Patrick Clover moved to MO in fifth grade and played football. As the new year dawns on his sophomore year in high school, acting has become a larger force in his life.

Clover began his acting career in eighth grade, in drama lab, with drama teacher Kareem Deanes and has been working with the Drama program for the past two years.

“The sky’s the limit for what he has to offer the program! If he keeps up the same work ethic pertaining to his acting development, he will make a huge impact on the department by the time he is a senior,” drama teacher Amie Gossett said.

Clover’s parents recognize the change in Clover’s confidence.

“I love seeing his passion and enthusiasm,” Clover’s mom, Lee Ann Cormier said.

Through acting, Clover believes he has developed more empathy for others and self-control.

After all, I’m living another person’s life, and I should relate to them, no matter how bad they are, if I disagree, or whatever their human flaws are, that’s a person whose life I’m challenged to model,” Clover said.

He also enjoys playing characters who are different from him.

“This play [Almost Maine] helped me improve as an actor because the character that I played, Phil, was very tight, busy, stressed, and somewhat narrow sighted. I was very different than Phil. I’m not as stressed, I’m not as hard working, I’m not as negative. While I recognize those character flaws and his lack of ability to take responsibility for his actions, I still wouldn’t have rather played or did this show with anyone or anything different,” Clover said.

The positive influence that acting has in Clover’s life is one that he cannot ignore.

“As for what I enjoy about acting. The community. The love. The family. The laughter. The memes. I can’t pick out one thing. I just enjoy acting,” Clover said. I just know I enjoy acting, and that acting has impacted my life by practically giving me a life,” Clover said.