Mohammad Hadij offers an alternative to traditional tutoring


Claire Dreller

At 6:45 a.m., freshman Natalie Butler prepares for her Honors Geometry final.

Sophomores Mohammad Hadij, Yash Nayak, and Alec Zhao have created a tutoring service to help students be more successful in the math classes.

“I noticed that there were a lot of kids who were having trouble with math, specifically the lower level classes like Algebra 1 and Geometry,” Hadji said. “Because they were having a lot of trouble and the ASC wasn’t open during the most vital times of the school day, I decided to create something that would help,” Hadij said.

Hadji, Nayak, and Zhao created the tutoring program at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, and Hadji noticed attendance has increased as finals draw nearer.

The goal is to help students who have questions with math when the ASC and teachers are busy and cannot help 24/7. ”

— Mohammad Hadji

“We have been pretty successful, especially during EOC’s and AP’s, we have had a lot of people coming in. For finals, we think we are going to get a lot more people and since the service is just starting now, I feel like next year we are going to have a lot more people joining,” Hadij said.

So far, Hadij’s tutoring service specializes in math classes. But, they are looking to expand the reach to more science classes if needed.

“We have tutors for many math classes, like Algebra 1, Geometry, honors and non-honors Algebra II/Trig, we’re a little shaky on pre-calc and BC Calc. We plan to do it next year depending on how many people are willing to volunteer for that, especially the seniors,” Hadij said. “We have between 10-25 people coming in in the mornings, it’s not too much right now because the school year is ending, but by next year we hope the word will spread and more people will know about it.”

Hadij tries to present the information in a way that students will not forget in order to make their learning more successful.

“I show students how to do the problem and then they repeat it. Usually the biggest issue with math is not understanding what the concept is, people can repeat the problem but with different numbers, but I’m trying to help them understand the actual meaning and application in the real world,” Hadij said.

No matter the level of experience, the tutoring service is willing to help when teachers and the ASC are unavailable.

“The goal is to help students who have questions with math [when]  the ASC and teachers are busy and cannot help 24/7. [The benefit of]  students helping other students is [that there is] always someone available,”Hadij said. “I enjoy math, but I feel like people who struggle do not and that limits their opportunity to be successful, and you can apply math to everything. Especially how stressful the ACT and all the other tests these days are.”