Freshman makes it back to the field

For six months, freshman Ashton Manwill was not allowed to play soccershe was not even allowed to walk without her crutches.

“About a year ago, I fractured my femur,” Manwill said. “I was out for six months and had to use crutches.”

Manwill was trying to better her soccer skills when she broke her knee.

“I was playing soccer in tennis shoes, and I slipped and hyper extended my leg,” Manwill said.  “Then I fell onto my knee and chipped it.”

With this injury, Manwill was not allowed to participate in soccer activities.

“Going from playing everyday, to not being able to walk was really hard on me,” Manwill said. “I was so active, and then I couldn’t do anything.”

On December 13, 2015 Manwill found out that she has another injury to her back.

Completing the drill, Ashton Manwill makes the pass.
Karly Tyree
Completing the drill, Ashton Manwill makes the pass.

“I have a minor bulging disc in my back,” Manwill said. “It’s somewhat painful, but so far, it’s not affecting how I play.”

Despite her injuries, Manwill decided to try out for soccer, and made the varsity team.

“I have been running MKs every other day to help me prepare for tryouts and the season,” Manwill said. “I have also been going out to the field to practice my shooting and drills with my sister and her friends.”  

Her teammates say Manwill shows her energy and endurance on and off the field by keeping the players in high spirits.

“Ashton is valuable to the team because she keeps us pumped up, and contributes her skills on the field,” teammate, freshman Bella Hatzigeorgiou said.

In addition to support from her teammates, Manwill receives support from her family.

“When I was younger, my dad would always say  ‘When do we give up?’ and all my brothers and sisters would scream ‘Never!,’” Manwill said.

Manwill will made her debut for the 2016 soccer season on March 24 against Timberland High School.