Senior Directed One Acts are back


Made by Steven Ou.

Over 100 pages in script analysis, four seniors and 14 roles: the Senior Directed One Acts are back. Seniors Steven Ou, Cameron Pille, Koel Branson and Kathryn Harter are the current directing class students in charge of directing a one act this season.

Theatre teacher Amie Gossett has experience guiding student directors.

“The two big challenges are getting them to trust their instincts by using the knowledge they have acquired through experience and classes taken. And getting them to realize that no one is going to do it for them. As an actor to technician, you are responsible for your part only as a director,” Gossett said.

Ou has been a member of the theatre department for four years, kicking off his career as a character in a Senior Directed One Act.

“My first experience with high school theatre were Senior Directed One Acts in 2013 as a freshman. I found the experience incredibly enjoyable and it is the reason I’m so involved with theatre today. I took directing because I felt obligated to repay this opportunity to incoming department members as well as explore my creative abilities,” Ou said.

Ou’s required script analysis totaled 104 pages, making him  confident in his abilities as a director. His inspirations are Steven Spielberg and alumni Mario Ceron.

“I think I get along with people fairly well and can give good advice without sacrificing freedom of creativity for the actor,” Ou said. “One of the characters really appeals to my personality, it seems easy to manage, and I am somewhat familiar with the setting and themes.

Ou’s play, “On Temporary Loan” by Seymour Rosen, is about two people who steal a painting to avoid having a midlife crisis.

“I believe my show has themes that are relatable to a high school audience and has humor that they would find funny. It has a semi-serious tone but is ultimately the tale of two people seeking to rekindle something childish,” Ou said.

It is a tradition for seniors to direct one acts in order to increase the department membership before they leave.

“I wanted to take Directing class because it’s a coming-of-age tradition in our theatre department. Seniors will always host their own one act in order to bring new people into the theatre department. People go out for them because they love the seniors and because they feel a connection with the family of our department,” Pille said.

If you are interested in auditioning, packets to prepare are available in Gossett’s room and are due on the day of auditions, which will take place on Monday, March 7 at 2:45 p.m. in the theatre.

“It is a great demonstration of how the theatre curriculum can prepare students to be independent and self-sufficient, and to see your peers accomplish so much in such a small amount of time is truly exciting. These four directors have both tech and acting experience and have picked scrips that reflect their experience and personalities,” Gossett said. “It’s always wonderful to see the student directors take a script from page to stage and how proud they are of their production, even though they have to endure so much throughout the process.”