Students plan to survive second semester


As students get in the groove of second semester, some find that motivation is hard to find. For seniors, this is the last stretch of their high school career; for juniors it is the final days of the “hardest year of high school.” Sophomores and freshmen still have a while to go.

“If I could tell my-underclassmen-self how to stay motivated, I’d probably say just power through it,” senior Matt Pilgrim said. “Do your homework and study because in the long run your GPA will thank you.”

Doing your work is easier said than done in the face of no motivation. But, according to senior Maret Welby, setting goals is a good way to make some.

“I need to remember not to procrastinate because when I don’t, that is how I’m most successful,” Welby said. “My goals for second semester are to maintain straight A’s and earn as much money as I can babysitting. Procrastinating would definitely hinder my goals.”

Although staying motivated and avoiding procrastinating is not easy, Welby has one major trick in order to stay on the right track.

“I try to stay motivated by packing my lunch and organizing my backpack the night before. When everything is completed I sleep easier and my morning isn’t stressful,” Welby said.

Organization is key for both of these seniors, whether it is in or outside of school. De-cluttering and avoiding messes eliminates stress and saves time searching for items down the road.

“Having a binder or folder for each class is pretty suitable for me,” Pilgrim said. “I also have labels that separate things within the folders, for example separate tabs for homework and notes. For me, the simpler the better.”

But, for Welby, having detailed and cute supplies helps the days pass by quicker and maintain steady motivation.

“I always make a separate binder cover for each class with their own designated color,” Welby said. “Having a color distinction helps and makes everything cuter! I keep my binders organized a cleaned out at all times and use my assignment notebook every day. The big picture calendar is very helpful for organizing my life both inside and outside of school.”

If organization is not helpful for you in terms of staying motivated, it is always helpful to find something to look forward to.
“I’m very excited for college next year and summer,” Pilgrim said. “A lot of my friends come home from college and it’s a nice thing to look forward to.”