Throwback Thursday: Melvin Trotier, history teacher

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Throwback Thursday: Melvin Trotier, history teacher

Pathfinder: Where do you go to high school?

Trotier: I went to Chaminade High School.

What year did you graduate?

I graduated in 1988.

Did you play any sports or were you in any clubs?

I was on the football team. I was also in yearbook and on the newspaper staff.

What is the funniest thing that happened during high school?

I caused a fire in the chemistry lab. I wanted to find out what happens when you use a lot of sulfur. I got kicked out of chemistry class.

What was your opinion of your high school principal? Why was she/he memorable?

I loved him. He was a good listener and really understood students.

What was your least and favorite subjects in high school?

My least favorite subject was math. My favorite subject was AP American History with Mr. Mckim. He is the reason that I am a teacher today because he was sarcastic, interesting and fun. He really made us think of what we were learning, instead of just learning.

What were you like in high school?

As far as you know, I was very studious.

What was different now from when you went to high school?

The technology was different. We did not have the Internet or computers. We had to use actual books.

Did you have an after school job?

I worked at a greenhouse, landscaping. I planted trees and took care of roses.

 What type of car did you drive?

The car I drove was a 1979 Pontiac Bonneville with blue velour interior. I called it “Das Boot.” (German for the boat)