POW: Josh Massara, 12


From the girl with all the band posters to the boy with the collection of baseball cards, every person expresses themselves through what they collect. For senior Josh Massara’s family, that is cars.

“We believe you are what you drive,” Massara said.

Ever since he was given a ‘66 Mustang from his grandpa at the age of twelve, he has been fascinated with cars.

“ I sold it for ten thousand dollars to purchase old cars and recycled car parts,” Massara said

Once it sold, he began the ongoing buy, fix and sell routine of his cars and motorcycles.

“The first car I fixed up was a 1982 Chevy. It took me an entire year,” Massara said.

So far, Massara has fixed nine cars and three bikes.

“My biggest achievement was winning the ‘Street Rod Category Award’ at a car show called ‘Steel Fest’ with a car I built from the ground up,” Massara said.

Massara loves being known as “that one car” on the road by working hard to fix up old fashioned cars with recycled pieces, redesigning the look of them and making them run faster.

“I love when people see my car on the street, they know it’s me,” he said.

You have probably seen some of these old fashioned cars parked in the senior lot: 1988 Bronco, 1982 Chevy 1500, 1979 Trans am and a 1951 Chevy.

“I currently drive a 1951 Chevy and am working on a 1950 Ford pick-up truck,” he said.

Massara plans to eventually continue his passion for cars in the future.

“I would like to have my own shop, and build and remodel custom cars and bikes,” he said.