Amy Thornhill, social studies teacher

throwback thursday


Where do you go to high school?

Hazelwood Central High school.

What year did you graduate?


Did you play any sports or were you in any clubs?

I was in volleyball for four years. I was also in NHS club and Yearbook editor junior and senior year.

What is the funniest thing that happened during high school?

It was in style to wear brief shorts for volleyball. It felt strange and weird. We made fun of ourselves having to wear these tighter shorts in front of everyone.

What was your opinion of your high school principal? Why was she/he memorable?

He was fair and publicly visible. He was socially interactive with the student body. He was personable and he created a friendly environment.

What was your least and favorite subjects in high school?

My favorite subjects were math and social studies. My least favorite subject was Spanish, which made me work harder on this language.

What was different now from when you went to high school?

We did not have cell phones to distract other students. We passed notes. Some students had pagers that they could call people back on pay phones at gas stations. We did not have smart boards or document cameras. We had chalk and transparencies.

What were you like in high school?

I cared about grades. Grades came easily, but I still had to work hard. I was not the most outgoing.

Did you have an after school job?

Northwest Plaza at Learner New York, which was a clothing store. I spent money on clothes faster than I made it.

What type of car did you drive ?

I did not have a car so, I relied on friends.