Throwback Thursday: Amie Gossett, drama teacher


Where did you go to high school?

St. Charles West High School

 How was high school similar/different to high school now?

It was a smaller school, there were not as many honors or AP classes.There were also not as many clubs and sports available

What year did you graduate?


Were you involved in any sports or clubs? What did you like about it?

Yes. I was on the varsity softball team, discus and shot put on varsity track, small ensemble choir, larger ensemble choir, student body president, social coordinator in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Being able to do different things and I can still express who I am.

What were your favorite and least subjects in high school? Why?

My least favorite subject was English and my favorite subjects were Science and Social Studies, because I liked reading charts and graph and doing experiments and studying different cultures in social studies.

How would your peers describe you in high school?

Outgoing and a little quirky.

How would your teachers describe you in high school?

Hard working and diligent.

Did you have an after school job? If so, what was it?

No. I watched my brother and sister.

What type of car did you drive?

Silver Saturn

Did you buy it yourself? If not, who bought it for you?

No. I got it from her parents and I shared it with my mom.

Describe what it looked like.

It was silver and tiny for my family of five.

Did you have to pay for gas?

I did pay for gas.

Do you remember what gas prices were back then?

I could fill my gas tank for under $10. It was about $.70, $.80, $.90 cents.

What was your craziest driving memory?

I was driving down the road with my friends in the back and they opened the front doors when I was going down a hill and they were screaming “Wheeee!” I told them to stop and I stopped the car. And I’d never let them sit in the back again.