“Walk Away” single review

Time to “Walk Away” from History in the Making?


Remember “T.G.I.F,” the hot buzz single by the young band History in the Making? You probably have no recollection of this briefly popular R&B creation that premiered last November, by handful of sporadically-experienced teen performers. Fans have been anxiously awaiting another single, which premiered on April 6.

The group is composed of 18-year-old singer Jawan Harris and 16-year-olds Dylan Allen and Pryce Watkins. Entitled “Walk Away,” History in the Making’s first official single brings back the definition of a R&B boy band, according to This is RnB magazine.

Aiming to reference the 1980s classic The Breakfast Club, the music video follows the band as they ditch a Friday detention to go talk to girls. The song is dominated by the chorus, “I love to see you walk away,” following the typical materialistic love thought process expected in teen music. I mean, these kids are leading the band to be the typical group of idolized male R&B icons, not music legends; they have an interview on Teen Diaries but no critical review. The existing fan base is served, but music critics will be unimpressed.

Missing in the song is any sense of chemistry between the band members. It may just be the fault of bad writing (the songwriter is not listed), but there is absolutely no collaboration between the three singers, besides the chorus, where they all sing the same lines with dissonant voices on the same notes. For the rest of the song, the singers take turns belting out lines with varying levels of talent. The little harmony in the song comes from the background synthesized track, which is expected of contemporary R&B. Nevertheless, I am disappointed by the lack of true vocal blending or harmony.

That being said, what stands out in the little music that History in the Making has produced thus far is the division and gap in talent between the performers. Dylan is a dancer, and has served as back up vocals for artists like Justin Beiber and Pryce. He appears to have tagged along with the trio’s brief frolic with the likes of Soundz and The Underdogs during 2014, apparently has talent as a rapper. None of this is evident. What shows the most is the decent vocal talent of Jawan Harris, who credits Chris Brown as his mentor. His solo at the beginning of T.G.I.F. screams ‘talent held back.’ The mediocre performances of the other two in the band, along with the use of cheap autotune, are masking his potential.

Overall, the quiet release of “Walk Away” from History in the Making attests to the fact that the band needs to realize the short extent of their fan base. All three of the reviews in iTunes praise the talent of the group. Take a hint, Jawan, preserve your career and “Walk Away”.

The Parkway West Pathfinder gives “Walk Away” a 4.3/10.