Student Spotlight: Kennedy Frank


After working on her design for two hours, Senior Kennedy Frank shows off her nail art.

Despite the difficulties of learning the process, senior Kennedy Frank has managed to master nail art through YouTube videos and nail art blogs.

“I don’t have a specific blog of YouTube channel that I like in particular,” Frank said. “I just watch how people do their nails and I try to do what they do.”

While painting her nails, Frank spends an average of an hour on each design.

“I’ve had a few designs that have taken an hour or so longer than usual, but it’s because they’re more intricate and there’s more to them,” Frank said.

As ideas for each design, Frank turns to the internet for inspiration.

“I find most of the ideas for designs on Instagram and on Pinterest,” Frank said. “I don’t normally come up with my own, but I’ll see some and I’ll modify them to fit my style.”

Frank’s designs are admired by her friends and family.

“My friends always ask me to do their nails. My mom loves the way I paint my nails and she always asks me to do them for her. She’ll be like, ‘Kennedy, please, I’ll buy you Bread Co’,” Frank said. “I like painting my own nails better though, because I like to flaunt them and show everyone my work. It’s a satisfying feeling.”

Rather than using regular nail polish, Frank has switched to Gel polish instead.

“Gelish is my favorite nail polish brand, because it’s different than other polish. It looks more professional and it lasts longer,” Frank said.

Frank paints her nails every week, and admits it’s become an expensive hobby.

“I spend a lot of money on nail polish and nail design tools,” Frank said. “A regular bottle of polish is about $12, and the gel polish is a little more than that. I also bought a $30 UV light for my nails, and I buy top coats and base coats. It’s just not cheap.”

Though Frank is skilled at it, she has no intentions to make it a career.

“I don’t want to paint nails as a career because they really don’t get paid enough. It’s kind of not fair,” Frank said. “I might paint nails though in college for people, I’d probably charge around $10 for it.”

Frank finds that painting nail designs isn’t as tricky as it seems.

“If someone wants to learn, I’d just tell them to do what I did and watch the videos. And also watch when they get their nails done to see it in person,” Frank said. “It isn’t too hard.”