LoCo sponsors dodgeball tournament to aid the Joshua Chamberlain Society


Interested in playing a competitive game of dodgeball while supporting a local cause? Longhorn Council is sponsoring a dodgeball tournament to benefit the Joshua Chamberlain Society. The society works to aid military veterans that have been wounded in combat.

“The tournament will take place in the main gym. Applications are just starting to be turned in so we do not have any numbers. Our LoCo executive board brain stormed ideas of different events for fundraisers. All proceeds from registration and concessions will be donated to JCS,” LoCo Sponsor Susan Anderson said.

The Dodgeball tournament is at 12 p.m. on Nov. 22. Student can sign up in teams of six to eight and compete in the tournament. The cost is $10 a person to be on a team, or students can be spectators for a $2 entry fee.

“Students should sign up to because it will be fun and is a charitable cause at the same time,” Anderson said.

Members of Captain’s Council were asked to create teams to encourage participation.

“I got the packet in a grade level office and picked up the individual permission forms to give to each of my team members. I’m in Captain’s Council and a lot of my friends were asking if we were going to put a team together, so I did,” junior Maggie Walkoff said.

Each team can pick a theme for their members.

“I think it should be a fun activity if the teams actually get competitive. The themes should also be fun. Claire Crippin, Allison Smith, Kyla Hatton, Clara Sun, Emma Ratliff and Brayton Riley are on my team. I think it is a good way for people to come together for a cause while having fun with people of the West community. It’s different than anything we’ve ever done. It’s also athletic, which is fitting as we raise money for the men and women who fought for our county, which is a very active thing to do,” Walkoff said.

LoCo has been aiding the JCS before the dodgeball tournament during Homecoming week.

“With other events throughout the fall season and Homecoming week, LoCo has already made over $2,000 to benefit JCS,” Anderson said.

All the Parkway High schools will be fundraising for JCS throughout the year.

“We do not have a monetary goal. Any donation that can be made is well appreciated and will have an impact on the lives of the JCS Heroes. That is our main goal- making a difference in the lives of those who have given so much to protect our country,” Anderson said.

Although dodgeball is not allowed in physical education classes, it was approved for this charity.

“This event is completely voluntary and requires a permission slip and waiver form. People should sign up because [they] can enjoy the fun and competitiveness of a dodgeball tournament while also raising money for an important organization.  It’s the best of both worlds,” Anderson.

The sign-up window is open through Monday, Nov. 17.

“We are very proud of the Longhorn community and excited to see how much we can raise together. We made JCS our philanthropy for this year and are going to do everything we can to support such a great foundation,” Anderson said.