Student Spotlight: Sierra Garner

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After eight years of classes, lessons and camps, sophomore Sierra Garner has found her passion: being an artist.

Sierra is brave: she will try things, and whether it works or not she will give it a try. If it doesn’t work she will erase it and try it again,”

— Peggy Dunsworth, Art Teacher

“I have been interested in art since I was seven,” Garner said. “I really like doing art, and my mom thought it would be a really good idea to put me in one even though I wasn’t that good back then.”

Outside of school, Garner practices all forms of art. While inside of school Garner has taken both Drawing I and II, and  is currently enrolled in Figure and Portrait with art teacher Peggy Dunsworth.

“She is really good at many different medias, it seems like no matter what I give her she is successful with it,” Dunsworth said. “I know she has favorite I know she likes to control water color and colored pencils, a lot of that is what she does at home. But no matter what she tries she is very success with it.”

Dunsworth, who has had Garner in class for two years, has observed Garners ability.

“Sierra is brave: she will try things, and whether it works or not she will give it a try.  If it doesn’t work she will erase it and try it again,” Dunsworth said. “Part of what makes her such a good artist is she will dig in and get in there and try things. Practicing drawing on her own time makes her even better in my class.”

After eight years of painting with water colors and drawing with colored pencil, chalk and markers, Garner has expanded her experiences.

“I have taken better more advanced classes. I have gone to a lot camps and I have done a lot of work for other people in the art business,”Garner said.

According to Dunsworth, Garner has the talent and ability to go far in the art business.

“I think she could go really far if she would pursue a career in art,” Dunsworth said. “She is to the point where she is seeking advice, what can I do to make it better, and that is always a good quality.

Dunsworth, who got her degree in art, knows the difficulties of trying to become and artist.

“If you are going to an art school you are going to take a lot of criticism on your art,” Dunsworth said. “you have to be strong, to take that in, not let your feelings get hurt and then be encouraged to make your art even better.

After having Garner in class for two years, Dunsworth is confined that Garner could go far in the art business.

“Sierra loves art so much, she is just in another world as she is drawing,” Dunsworth said. “Drawing feeds her heart and her soul, she really loves it . So because of her passion and her willingness to learn I think she can go really far.”

Garner herself is driven to pursue a career in art.

“I really want to go to college and get a degree in animation and illustration.” Garner said. “ I want to work for a big animation company like disney, or pixar, or dreamworks.”