Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall

Staying Classy chapter one

Snow cone stands haven’t yet closed up shop but Starbucks is already revving up for the debut of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. If the world can’t seem to pick a season, how on earth is your wardrobe supposed to? Especially when the STL weather skyrockets like a home run at Busch Stadium. And when the hot humidity flairs up you know the unnamed-2AC inside is going up with it, and you’ll need an outfit that fits in both spaces.

Don’t fret, transitioning your closet is easier than it seems. The easiest and quickest garment for this type of unnamedswitch is bottoms – Jeans, solid shorts and leggings. When you want to wear your striped tee and shorts but you walk outside and the breeze is just too strong for shorts, swap ‘em out for your favorite pair of dark wash jeans and a statement necklace.

The second item that is a must are jackets. Whether it’s a cardigan, pullover or blazer, if you don’t want to swap out your shorts for jeans, a neutral cardigan is great to throw on over any outfit. Or if you’re looking for a dressier option opt for a colored dress under  a black blazer.

So even though TroMo is still bringing in business and you just saw an ad for a pumpkin spice latte in last weeks People magazine, no amount of indecisive weather will stop you from looking and feeling good during this changing season!