COW joining forces with surrounding schools for a good cause


Debra Klevens

Sophomores Drew Bonnet, Carolyn Kammeyer and Kyla Hatton signing up for COW volunteer opportunities.

Community Outreach at West is collaborating with similar organizations at Parkway South, Central and North to support a local St. Louis non-profit organization on March 3-7.

“Community Outreach at West is built upon helping those in our community whether that be through volunteering or through philanthropy. We have monetarily reached out to several communities already through organizations such as the Red Cross (donating money to go to Typhoon Haiyan relief) and Heifer International. Even if we are not sending help to places half way around the world, helping out here in STL is just as beneficial and important,” senior COW Officer Sarah Verhulst said.

COW members will be selling tickets to “PIE” to different administrators and teachers at lunch on March 7. The student who sells the most tickets will receive a $20 gift card to Target or iTunes.

“We will be raffling off the chance to “pie” one of your favorite teachers or administrators at lunch on Friday March 7. Raffle tickets for both are 1 for $1, 5 for $3, and 10 for $5,” Verhulst said.

COW is talking with DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, to raise money for Friends of Kids with Cancer.

“Hats on for Cancer Day is sometime during March 3rd-March 7th. Jordan and I met with Mr. Sutton today to see if we could team up with DECA so the funds raised from COW and DECA go towards the overall amount raised at West for Parkway Cash for Cancer. Sutton told us that he would be interested in donating the DECA funds to our cause, but he does not know if he can do that because of all the technicalities with Parkway and the Hats on for Cancer Day/week. No matter if we join donations from DECA, I think it will be beneficial to both DECA and COW that we are holding Parkway Cash for Cancer that week since it will raise awareness to both of our events,” Verhulst said.

COW welcomes the student body’s help in making the posters. The plan is to have posters hung around the school by Feb. 26.

“Students should help and buy raffles because it’s a great thing to do! On a smaller scale, you get to see some of your favorite adults in the building get pied in the face. But on a bigger scale, you’re bringing smiles onto the faces of people impacted by cancer. And if that isn’t motivation enough to help us out with this, then I don’t know what is,” sophomore COW Officer Mahnoor Malik said.

Other ways to support this will be the COW board decoration before school on Feb. 19, the poster hang up after school on Feb. 26 and by selling raffle tickets at lunch and at the poster take down on March 7.

For further information contact Verhulst (Co-President), Malik (Officer), sophomore Jordan Beveridge (Officer) and senior Presley Ackeret (Co-President). Or they can be emailed at [email protected] or found at the twitter, @ParkwayWestCOW, of on their website,