Popping the Question

Sophomores Mary Galkowski and Asa McCurdy pose after he says yes.

Gwenn Pietrowski

Sophomores Mary Galkowski and Asa McCurdy pose after he says yes.

Among the chaos of spirit week, there is a mad search for what to wear on Widescreen Wednesday, finding the perfect suit and tie for the dance, a place to take your date to dinner and transportation.  However, the one unique task a student has is how to creatively ask his or her date.

Drawing inspiration from the movie “Ted,” freshman Matt Pergo asked sophomore Corinne Schilizzi two weeks after school began.

“I bought a teddy bear from Build a Bear workshop and put a voice recorder in it that said ‘Will you go to Homecoming with me?’” Pergo said.

Pergo’s older sister, junior Paige Perego, came up with the idea.

Reaching out of the District, sophomore Mary Galkowski invited Ladue sophomore Asa McCurdy.

“I wanted to go with him because he knows so many people in our grade since he used to go here,” Galkowski said. “When I asked him I knocked on his basement window.  His older brother thought that we were third graders so no one came out at first.  When he finally came outside I had balloons and just kind of asked him.”

During the first home football game, junior Austin Sisk made a more public invitation to junior Stephanie Quoss.

“From the field, I tossed a football into the stands where she was sitting that said, ‘Homecoming?'” Sisk said.

Quoss’ friends helped Sisk make sure she was in the right place at the right time.

During Bill O’Neil’s, first hour, AP English class, senior Allie Rayfield was asked by senior Rigel Robinson on Monday, Sept. 16.

“I just laughed when he asked me. He placed a monkey on my desk with a sign that said ‘homecoming’ before I got there. I knew he was going to ask me, but I just didn’t know when, it was a fun surprise,” Rayfield said.