You feast, they fast

While the holidays are filled with sweets, treats and parties galore, seniors Megan Tully and John Pappas began a strict 40 day Christmas fast, for the Greek Orthodox religion, on Nov. 15.

For Pappas, this is his first time participating in the Christmas fast. Although Tully used to participate in it every year, this is the first time she has taken part in it in five years.

“Megan texted me and was just like ‘Let’s do this’ and I thought ‘YOLO! Why not?’ and accepted,” Pappas said.

Going into the fast, Pappas and Tully feared not eating dairy. People participating in this fast are also not allowed to eat any meat or fish. There is one exception, which allows fasters to eat shellfish.

“At one point, I thought I was going to die, so I ate some yogurt,” Tully said.

Even though Tully felt uncertain going into the fast, she is now confident in her level of self-control.

Although neither Pappas nor Tully have a fellow family member participating in the fast, it has still affected their family members in various ways.

“It’s very hard to please everyone when cooking since there are so many different wants,” Megan Tully’s mother, Mary Tully said.

Both Pappas and Tully plan to break the fast on Christmas day.

“I plan on breaking my fast by eating myself into a coma on Christmas day,” Pappas said.