Zoology class connects with students from Morocco



Amy Cohen with her partner teacher Saida Adnane

Amy Cohen’s Zoology classes are connecting with students from Morocco via e-mail and Facebook chats to learn about International differences.

Cohen participated in a Maryville University graduate program called “Global Awareness and Civic Education” to increase her understanding and ability to work with others internationally.

Cohen’s work began when she got matched with the school in August. In October she traveled to Morocco to work with students, and by November they were communicating with her own students at West High.

“They are just making small talk now, getting to know one another. I want my students to Skype with the students from Morocco, but face the challenge of a six-hour time difference,” Cohen said.

Cohen’s goal is to put the student work on a website, like a blog so everyone can make comments.

“I want all the students to become aware of other cultures,” Cohen said.

The students from Morocco speak English, French and Arabic.

“So far we have only talked about the school systems there. They attend private schools because the public schools are not good. They are even required to go on Saturday,” junior Hannah Judd said.

Although students found differences in their educational system, they found similarities in what they like to do.

“We all seem to like pop music and the band One Direction. But other than that, we don’t have much in common,” Judd said.

Cohen hopes that students remain connected once the course comes to a close.

“I want them continuing to learn more about each other’s country and culture,” Cohen said.