Young Blood Gaining Knowledge


After 15 years, freshman Emily Wind questioned why she had never participated in competitive sports. Wind decided to take a shot at it. She made swing on the JV and varsity field hockey team. “People talked about how great it was to be on a team, and I wanted to be apart of that bond team’s seem to have. I think right now I’m ready to commit and be apart of one,” Wind said. “It’s making me work harder than I ever have before. And I’m getting very tan in the process so that’s a plus.”

The field hockey team is 1-11 as of October 2.

“We have a really young team, we only have two seniors and the rest are mostly underclassmen,” senior Alexandra Ripper said.

The team is learning to work together to achieve their ultimate goal, to win the game.

“We are working on spreading out, crisp passes and improving each and every game,” Varsity Coach Abigail Zuniga said.

Many of the girls on the team have never played before.

“There are 16 freshmen who have joined the field hockey program and many of them had never played before,” Zuniga said.  “Teaching basic skills to such a large group was a bit of a challenge at first but the girls were such fast learners and good competitors that it made for an easy transition.”

The season will end with their first tournament, the Public School Tournament on Oct. 15, and a second tournament, the Midwest Tournament on Oct. 25.

“We are excited for the public school tournament because we’ll have the chance to beat other public schools that we should have beat in the first place,” Ripper said.