Culinary students take home second place at cook-off

Eileen Tully

on March 13, 2013 at 11:34 am

On Wednesday, March 6, seniors Carolyn Stewart, Kristen Solodar, Laila Kuziez and Kevin Kobalt competed in the Ready Set Cook Competition at Parkway North High School. The cook-off was hosted by Kendall College included Parkway West, Parkway North, Parkway South, Parkway Central and Lafayette.

Competitors received six mystery ingredients chosen by the judges in order to make two dishes within the one hour time limit. Two of the three judges were instructors from Kendall College. The third was a graduate who now owns Main Street BBQ in St. Louis.

For the judging process, each food was scored on taste, presentation and creativity used to prepare the mystery ingredients into a presentable dish. The schools that finished first and second overall received medals for their success. Stewart, Solodar, Kuziez and Kobalt placed second after Parkway South.

“I was really happy about receiving second place. There was some good looking food which made me nervous but I felt good when the judges were talking about our plates. There were some things that I wish we could have changed but the judges had great feedback,” Stewart said.

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