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Women of West teaches yoga class

Carly Roach

Junior Hilli Alden practices yoga with Women of West (WOW) on March 3 in the north gym before school. "I was having a lot of fun, plus the physical sensations of yoga are relaxing in themselves. I wasn't thinking about the math test I'd have to take fourth hour, thats for sure," Alden said.

Susie Watson, Editor in Chief

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On March 5, Women of West (WOW) taught a yoga class at 7 a.m.  The class was led by English teacher Erica Rogers and senior Misri Patel who both practice yoga regularly.

“WOW wanted to do yoga as a breath of fresh air for the girls.  It is the middle of the spring semester so things can get pretty crazy, especially in the sprint to spring break,” junior Hilli Alden said. “We chose the simplest poses so that the girls who have never done yoga could still join in and be comfortable.”

WOW hopes to do a 20 minute yoga session in the morning on Fridays before school.  Yoga is said to not only exercise the body, but also relieve stress.

“I definitely noticed a difference.  I’m usually pretty short-fused at school but about 20 ft outside of the gym, I was walking with Tori Downar to class, and she dropped her tumbler of coffee and neither of us even stressed about it even though the bell had rung.  We just laughed, kept playing music and started cleaning up,” Alden said.

WOW may participate in another yoga class, however they believe the school interest seems low.

“I had a great time.  It was a healthy way to start the school day with relaxation, good music, and yoga pants of course,” Alden said.



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Women of West teaches yoga class