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Student walked the red carpet

Student walked the red carpet

Junior Allison Wright walks the red carpet.

While most of the nearly 40 million people who tuned in to watch award shows this season sat at home on their couch, junior Allison Wright can say that she attended the Grammys, the biggest music award show in the country.

Wright got the chance to go whenever her father received tickets through his company.

“It was really fun and exciting to see everyone there,” Wright said.

For the show, Wright got her hair and makeup professionally done, and bought a new dress to wear on the red carpet.

“When my dad and I got there at about 3:30 p.m., there were two red carpets: one for the music stars and one for the ‘normal people’ who recieved tickets through businesses,” Wright said.

Though the stars had their own carpet to walk on, not all of them ended up doing so.

“John Mayer didn’t want to deal with all of the cameras and people on the ‘star’ red carpet, so he walked down the regular guest line.  I even got to see him!” Wright said.

While Wright was looking forward to seeing Rihanna perform the most, her favorite performance of the night was the Bob Marley tribute.

“It was especially fun to see technical elements that people at home usually don’t see.  Like the teleprompter that the presenters read from, and some of the speeches that get cut off by the film editors,” Wright said.

Wright ended up leaving at about 8:30 p.m. PST, and would love to attend next year if she had the opportunity.  However, until then, she will have to watch the awards shows with everyone else at home.

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