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Warming heads and hearts: We Dine Together joins the Hat not Hate movement

Junior and president of We Dine Together Sarenna Wood lifts handmade hats from the Hat not Hate program at their October meeting. The cub received fifty hats from the program. “I believe our club makes a positive change in people’s lives who don’t have anywhere to sit at lunch or people who feel isolated,” Wood said. “I’ve seen people who might not have anywhere to go at lunch and they now have a lot of friends. It’s really nice to see.”

Leah Schroeder, Staff Writer

October 22, 2019

Students wearing winter hats is not something that you expect to see during 90 degrees weather, but these hats did more than make members of the We Dine Together club sweat. After pairing with Hat not Hate, a national program that aims to eradicate bullying through the creation of hand-knit blue hats, ...

Freshmen experience their first Day of Service

Writing messages about how to include everyone, freshmen Tre Bell and Ethan McLeod write a note about what they will do to inspire change in the community.  “I never really thought about everything that happens around me. I really have just been worried about myself, but I realized other people go through a harder time then I do. Now I am going to try help around and be a better person in the community,” Bell said

Ella Roesch, Convergent Media Writer

March 14, 2019

For the second annual Day of Service, the upperclassmen went off campus to give back to the community, while the freshmen class remained on campus and participated in three sessions of their choice, as well as Vivian's Pledge.   The freshmen choose from 15 different speaker sessions to attend thr...

Namah Al Battah named Missouri Be Strong representative

Sophomore Namah Al Battah and art teacher Ashley Drissel look over meeting plans for the club We Dine Together. The club was created to ensure all students feel included in places like the cafeteria or classroom. “We’re trying to create a network of support,” Drissel said. “[We want] to have a culture here at West High that is supportive and inclusive instead of exclusive.”

Maria Newton, Staff Writer

April 6, 2018

Sophomore Namah Al Battah leads the way in combating exclusion in Missouri after earning the title of state representative for Be Strong, a global non-profit against bullying as well as being a member of We Dine Together. We Dine Together is an anti-bullying club that works hand-in-hand with the ...

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