Virtual connection: Student interactions during online school

While completing online schoolwork, seniors Irene Yannakakis and Anna Pavilsin share a laugh. Yannakakis has been seeking hangouts as a way to connect with her friends during virtual learning. “I have done online school with my friends a couple times, but it's basically just us sitting on our computers with our headphones in,” Yannakakis said. “Although it's nice to have someone next to you, it would be way better to be in school.”
October 6, 2020

To counter new COVID-19 rules students are finding ways to remain connected in the virtual world of learning.  Junior Ella Mercer: As students miss eating lunch with their peers, junior Ella Mercer...

Zoom university: Freshmen share their experiences

Laying out her papers, freshman Allison VanValkenburgh does her homework. VanValkenburgh is getting used to switching over from paper to digital. “in normal school we would've had more paper assignments.and I learn and test the best on paper,” VanValkenburgh said. “With learning being 90% online, it's hard adjusting to the new norms and expectations.”
October 2, 2020

Virtual schooling has hit the mid quarter mark now, and the freshmen class has adjusted to their first weeks of high school, well actually, virtual school. From online PE to learning music through a screen,...

Adapting to virtual learning in the Special School District

Online learning has been a significant transition for students and staff in the Special School District (SSD).
September 30, 2020

Since March, many of us have grown used to the Zoom-meeting, online school, new-normal atmosphere. However, these adaptations have been simpler for some more than others, and several hurdles have been...

Five tips for online school

After receiving feedback from her friends about what they wanted to see on the cover of the school planner, senior Maddy Truka combined her own ideas with friends' to create it. Truka was to hoping to represent diversity in her design. “[Planners] help to just keep track of anything your teacher may assign that’s not listed up on the board like usual,” Truka said. “Also, class set up may be more difficult and there is definitely more work to do so it’s important that students are organized now more than ever.”
September 23, 2020

As we near the halfway mark of the first quarter, students and teachers are adapting to the approach and offer advice on how to make the most of this time. Take Breaks  The five minute passing...

School behind screens changes jobs for support staff

Virtual school has taken away a lively learning environment for most. For several support staff members, transferring online was not an option.
September 16, 2020

Walking the almost empty halls at 7 a.m., you might have made a stop at the bookstore before heading to the cafeteria for a morning snack. On your way to class, you may have said hello to a custodian as...

Virtual learning: a balancing act

A student uses Schoology as a supplement to study for their AP Government class.
August 20, 2018

The change that has been rolling out around the district is now making its way to West High: every incoming freshman will have a Chromebook for this school year. Parkway’s continual expansion of online...

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