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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


“Something I do outside of school is that I resell different video game skins on Counter-Strike and game bundles. I used to also resell sports cards, but I don’t really focus on that anymore. As a short summary of what I do, I go on sites where I can buy skins for less than they’re worth, and I would resell them on different Chinese websites. I first started doing this as just a side business because I wanted to earn money in something that I spend some of my free time doing. Counter-Strike is a fun game, so I thought, just why not try to earn money by playing games? Now I just use the money I earn to invest more into buying skins on video games to resell, and it has now become a continuous cycle.” - Phillip Tovrea 11

Phillip Tovrea

Angie Ren, Staff Writer May 22, 2023

“I’m passionate about being close to others around me. Good friendships influence my life when I can have a lot of people around me, and it makes me happy to see other people happy too. I put myself in a lot of new social environments where I’ll pursue new hobbies and meet new people in those spaces. I got into Dungeons and Dragons, car mechanics, and video games which is where I mostly meet new people. One of my favorite things to do with my friends is going on walks since it’s a relaxing activity and puts you in a more personal situation where it creates more room and time to talk to them. I also talk to my friends and see if they know anyone new in my areas of interest, and then I’d go and introduce myself to those people. Overall I value building new and current friendships, and I hope to be able to continue that for the rest of my life.” - Mason Sehi, 11

Mason Seay

Angie Ren, Staff Writer May 12, 2023

Reenacting a plushie parody, sophomore Gabe Waltrip prepares for his next YouTube video.

The Super Sonic Guardian

Cindy Phung, Staff Writer March 3, 2022

Sophomore Gabe Waltrip pants as adrenaline rushes through his body. Despite being out of breath, he continues to narrate dialogue as he runs down the hallway, juggling his tablet in one hand and a plushie...

“Batman: Arkham Knight” game review

Alex Rossi October 4, 2016

“Batman: Arkham Knight,” which was released June 23 of last year. The game is set after the events of the “Batman: Arkham” franchise, where Batman fights the ultimate threat against the city he...

“No Man’s Sky” game review

Alex Rossi September 8, 2016

 “No Man’s Sky,” a first person perspective exploration and crafting game, is set in a procedurally generated “sandbox” galaxy that currently contains over 18 quintillion planets. “No Man’s...

Week of April 4 - 8

Week of April 4 – 8

Mary Galkowski, Staff Writer April 11, 2016
On Tuesday, junior Alex Nevad won $300 at a Super Smash Bros tournament.

Dying Light review

Alex Rossi, Staff Writer March 31, 2016

Dying Light is not your ordinary zombie first person shooter. The plot of the game focuses on Kyle Crane, a covert operative for The Global Relief Effort (GRE), who has been sent on a mission to investigate...

Star Wars Battlefront game review

Alex Rossi, Staff Writer January 28, 2016
Star Wars: a dream that has made fans since 1976.
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