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The ReCap: Big Decisions

ReCAP host and Senior Emma Caplinger stands outside the University of Minnesota Twin Cities student union Sept. 7.

Emma Caplinger, Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

October 8, 2019

Students, especially upperclassmen, are constantly being forced to make decisions. Whether small, like choosing courses for next semester, or of gravity, like applying for college, students’ day-to-day lives are plagued with choices. The issue, though, is that decision fatigue gets to even the most motivated student. W...

Video: ASMR – Teacher Edition

Video: ASMR - Teacher Edition

Maddie Cooke and Hannah Hoffmann

February 7, 2018

*This work of the Pathfinder Broken Compass is entirely satirical. According to a survey conducted by the Broken Compass, 12 out of 4 students (some people took the survey multiple times) admitted to having extreme stress and anxiety due to the pressures of school. The Broken Compass values the s...

Junior Kalyn Newirth-Deutsh gets semicolon tattoo to symbolize struggle with depression

Junior Kalyn Newirth-Deutsh gets semicolon tattoo to symbolize struggle with depression

Samantha Gaddis

October 3, 2016

She ran to her room and felt like her world was closing in around her. Feeling an overwhelming sadness, she had no idea how to handle it. This was the first time junior Kalyn Newirth-Deutsch thought she might have depression. “I came home and I couldn’t breathe. I was so sad and I didn’t know...

Students find winter break unexciting, survey shows

Hannah Hoffmann, News Editor

January 10, 2016

With winter break now little more than a distant memory (oh, the toll two weeks back in school has had on us all), if you take the time to ask anyone how their break went, expect no more than a quick “eh, it was average."

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