CyberSecurity Club boots up for international competition

Examining his code, senior and CyberSecurity club Vice President Kesava Viswanadha
works to secure images as preparation for the CyberPatriot competition. Viswanadha
has been a member of Cyber Security club for three years. “We get to deal with real life scenarios and troubleshoot and aim to make types of operating systems cyber secure,” Viswanadha said. “It matters and is important because so many people today get scammed or trapped when they’re not cybersecure.”
October 25, 2019

Routers humming, screens aglow and fingers typing, CyberSecurity Club prepares for their upcoming international competition Saturday, Oct. 26. As part of CyberPatriot, an international organization dedicated...

Senior Anjali Shah continues her journey of STEM learning

Working on homework for AP Statistics, senior Anjali Shah student aids for science teacher and Beta Chi Pi sponsor Sally Steininger. Shah has had Steininger as a teacher since sophomore year, taking AP Biology last year, and she is also now Beta Chi Pi president. “I enjoy helping out because I took all the material last year, so it’s nice to be able to help them with labs with parts that I know I had trouble with,” Shah said.
September 18, 2019

Through research papers, internships and pre-engineering projects, senior Anjali Shah decided she wants to pursue a career in engineering. Passionate about her research, Shah never set a plan for a future...

Getting to know Technology and Engineering teacher Chris Donaldson

Technology and Engineering teacher Chris Donaldson helps senior Jack Fox during the Day of Code on December 6. Donaldson teaches three courses, all involving technology and engineering. “I am most excited to see students try new things, build skills and develop strengths they may not have previously realized they had,
December 20, 2017

Pathfinder: What got you interested in teaching? Donaldson: "I had a few stand-out teachers in high school and college. What struck me is how they were able to take complex concepts, break them down...

The Engineering Enclave provides autistic students first-hand experience in robotics

Junior Darrion Ward works on fixing an old projector to use the spare parts in the robotics class
October 24, 2014

Entering its second year, The Engineering Enclave gives autistic students jobs to help run the robotics class, while providing first-hand experience and skills needed in the workforce. Clifford Amen,...

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