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Editorial: It’s time to clean up

Our school has not been able to recycle properly due to excess trash in the recycling bins.

Pathfinder Editorial Board

October 31, 2019

The cafeteria during sixth hour, now absent of laughter and warmth, is completely still at first glance. A second look reveals custodian Sean Smith continuing his daily agenda of shuffling through bins–blue, yellow and gray–making a thorough effort to separate the bits of trash which have been s...

Community comes together to give back to custodian Sean Smith

A photograph of custodian Sean Smith and his wife is displayed on the GoFundMe page started by a student to help support them as they face medical setbacks. Smith wants to be remembered by students for his smile and positivity. “You’ve all been good to us, and I want to be good right back,”  Smith said. “If you need me, I got you, and no matter what you’ll always see me smiling.”

Susie Seidel, Staff Writer

April 22, 2019

In the early hours of the morning, one car can be spotted in the vacant lots. Already inside preparing for the school day, custodian Sean Smith greets students and teachers as they arrive with laughs, hugs and words of encouragement, despite personal challenges he may be facing. “Sean is a bea...

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