Going Beyond Bilingual

Going Beyond Bilingual
March 5, 2020

 Spanish flashcards and French listening tests are part of a difficult but necessary path to mastering another language in the eyes of high school students, but for some, it's a way of life. The number...

The struggles of second-generation immigrants in the college application process

Senior Umeera Farooq goes through college application papers with her parents at the dinner table. Farooq’s parents, who immigrated to America, struggled with assisting her through the application process. “My parents have not attended college, and I’m a first-generation college student,” Farooq said. “it’s gotten easier especially because I know now I’ve grown so I can help myself.”
January 27, 2020

Acronyms like ACT, SAT, FAFSA and CSS are overwhelming, especially for those whose parents are non-native English speakers. For seniors Umeera Farooq and Nayeon Ryu, this is a struggle they have dealt...

The issue with tiger parenting

Reviewing for an AP Calculus exam, junior Nayeon Ryu graphs equations on her calculator. Ryu believes that
April 11, 2019

Everyone loves Chinese food right? Orange chicken, Mongolian beef and sesame chicken are all great. These delicious foods demonstrate the pinnacle of culture mixing—yet not everything Asian mixes well...

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