Every Mind Matters creates space for honest mental health conversations

Sitting together in the front of the class, junior Katie Solodar and sophomore Arden Dickson discuss strategies to deal with mental illness at the second official meeting of Every Mind Matters. They created the club to give students a place to talk about their struggles and ask for help. “Our main goal is to give students a community where we can talk about mental health because a lot of times we don’t have a platform where we can talk about it safely,” Dickson said. “We really wanted to provide a better environment for students, and discussion based activities will help with that.”
December 17, 2018

The idea of a club where students can shed stigmas surrounding mental health and freely discuss mental illness began budding in junior Katie Solodar’s mind last year. With the help of sophomore Arden...

Sophomore Tony Morse gains positive outlook from struggles with anxiety and depression

Hanging out at a park, Fern Ridge junior Tori Owens, alumna Adina Flowers and sophomore Tony Morse laugh together. Whenever Tony feels upset or down, he goes to his friends who are his support system. “Now that I’m trying to get better, I feel like I can go out and do things I want with my friends, but sometimes I’ll be freaking out the whole time,” Tony said. “I’ll be with my friends, and they’ll be like, ‘Tony, calm down.’ I realized that having them there with me while that’s happening, while the anxiety is going out of control, definitely helps me.”
May 24, 2018

After dealing with anxiety all throughout his childhood, sophomore Tony Morse came face to face with both the anxiety and depression he experiences when someone reported to the school that he was self-harming...

Junior Kalyn Newirth-Deutsh gets semicolon tattoo to symbolize struggle with depression

Junior Kalyn Newirth-Deutsh gets semicolon tattoo to symbolize struggle with depression
October 3, 2016

She ran to her room and felt like her world was closing in around her. Feeling an overwhelming sadness, she had no idea how to handle it. This was the first time junior Kalyn Newirth-Deutsch thought she...

The Forest review

The Forest review
February 1, 2016
I saw this movie so now nobody else has to suffer through it. You can thank me later.

Step into my mind for a day

Photo illustration of mental illness
Life with a mental disorder
November 23, 2015

Whether you think about it or not, behind the faces of your peers, many struggle against mental illnesses from anxiety, to depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity...

Creativity mets drama

Creativity mets drama
April 6, 2015

During rehearsal for the Senior Directed One Acts, sophomore Jesse Calvert and senior Arturo DeVillar get in touch with their characters. The One Act is called “Down Came the Rain” and was directed...

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