James Bosanquet sits with his wife Jill, his son Grant and his daughter Clara at the Muny entrance for a family picture. Grant and Clara are both future longhorns and Jill currently a family physician practicing weight loss medicine. “As a critical care physician, we work some long, yet predictable hours. I could not ask for a more supportive family,

Alumnus James Bosanquet saves lives through critical care medicine

Sarah Lashly, Copy Coach September 11, 2018

Since graduating in 2001, alumnus James Bosanquet has pursued a career as a Critical Care Physician at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, and has been practicing critical care medicine since July 2015. “I...

Junior Audrey Heathcote dissects a minx in Human Anatomy and Physiology. The class focuses on the workings of the human body and helps students to learn medical terminology. “The smell was so bad,” Heathcote said. “They smelt worse than cadavers; I almost threw up.”

Junior Audrey Heathcote attends Washington University medical program

Maria Newton, Staff Writer April 30, 2018

Junior Audrey Heathcote participates in Saturday Scholars, a program hosted by Washington University (Wash U) in St. Louis in which selected high school students learn about the medical field through lectures...

Priest concludes her chemotherapy struggles, and looks forward to a promising future of health.

Returning to life after chemo

Kristin Priest, Staff Writer March 22, 2017

I still have good and bad days. After all, my body is still fully recovering from the harsh treatment of my medical endeavours. I routinely see my integrated medicine doctor, continually take my vitamins...

My wisdom teeth made me chronically ill?

My wisdom teeth made me chronically ill?

Kristin Priest, Staff Writer March 15, 2017

It felt like we were back to square one, and my mom spent hours researching, and talking to family members and friends. We had a friend that went through a similar situation with their daughter. She went...

Sophomore Emily Sexton uses a stethoscope to measure sophomore Clair Osterhaus’s heart beat.

Medical club exposes students to the medical world

Anjali Shah, Staff writer March 8, 2017

From cardiothoracic surgeons to dance therapists, the medical field offers a wide variety of professions. Even for those with an interest in science and medicine, choosing a profession can be difficult...

In California's Disneyland, an outbreak of the measles  has spread throughout the area and to surrounding states.

New outbreak of an old disease

Vaishal Shah, Staff Writer February 24, 2015

Measles. For some it invokes the image of their childhood; for others it is merely a dead disease. But with the recent outbreak of measles in California, is measles back and on the rise? Measles was...

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