Senior Kristin Priest finds alternative P.E. courses

Preparing for the ice rink, senior Kristen Priest holds her ice skates before her practice on Wednesday. Priest is grateful for the variety of her schedule with the addition of Ice skating. “I think it's really cool to end the day doing something fun,” Priest said. “I am very glad to be back and moving again.”
March 1, 2019

After being diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) during September of her freshman year, senior Kristin Priest decided to take ice skating to complete her Physical Education (P.E.) credit....

Junior Kristin Priest moves on to international DECA competition

Juniors Tony Galanti, DECA Sponsor Holly Weber, Caleb Canatoy and Kristin Priest finish competing at the State DECA competition in Kansas City. Weber helped Priest prepare for each of her competitions through online practice. “I hope that I medal, but just the fact that I’m qualified is pretty awesome,” Priest said. “So, whatever I do I’m glad that I’ll be there. I will be there for six days by myself, so it will be a good learning experience.”
April 20, 2018

After placing third in the Apparel and Accessories Marketing category at the DECA state competition in Kansas City March 11-13, junior Kristin Priest is moving on to the International Career and Development...

A patient drowning in pain killers, a doctor swimming in money

Priest sleeps her life away as the pain killers and chemo medication treat her arthritic symptoms.
Chapter Three
March 8, 2017

Something was wrong, and my mom had realized that. Each time I went back to my rheumatologist, I told them that I felt worse, and their response was a higher dosage of medications. There was a time when...

I Took Chemo for Nothing

Sophomore Kristin Priest went through chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, only to find that the real problem was somewhere else in her body.
Chapter One
February 22, 2017

After hearing I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, my doctor told me something that would continue to haunt my waking thoughts for months. They said I needed to “adjust to the new normal,”...

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