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Freshman Ashlyn Gillespie and her family combat global warming with solar panels

Freshman Ashlyn Gillespie stands next to her family’s electric car in the parking lot. Her family invested in this car so that they could be more environmentally-friendly. “I honestly hope that my family and I can show people it’s not weird to get an all-electric [car] or a half and half like the Prius. If that kind of car is in my price range then I do hope to get an electric car as my first car,” Gillespie said.

Addie Gleason, Convergence Journalism Writer

December 4, 2019

From owning an electric car to a home garden, the Gillespie family invests in reducing their carbon footprint. Freshman Ashlyn Gillespie and her family are taking the next step in helping the environment by having solar panels installed at their house. The 22 solar panels are expected to be insta...

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