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“Ive always planned on being a part of the theater. I had my heart set on being an actor, so I pursued any opportunities I could get. After I got to high school, I didnt make it into “The Drowsy Chaperone” so Improv became my main outlet for theater, and I loved it. Ive learned how to adapt to social situations on the fly, how to be okay with rejection and how to avoid drama. Theater is great because it really forces you outside your comfort zone while also providing a great support system you can rely on to have your back. Theater in general has benefited me by giving me a strong support system and introducing me to some very good friends that I am very thankful for. It has given me an outlet for discovering my identity and finding strong supportive people.” – Muse Spillman, 11

Muse Spillman

Kaelin Kerpash, CJ1 Writer May 23, 2022

Acting in a scene together, alumni Carson Lolley and Charlie Foy lead the show for Missouri State Improv. Lolley joined fall 2019, and helped recruit Foy who joined fall 2020. “Over the summer, I saw Carson post about it and I had reached out to a few other members of the team about joining,” Foy said. “You don’t really understand how refreshing it is to know someone on the team you want to be a part of, and she really made the team way more welcoming for me.”

Alumni Charlie Foy and Carson Lolley steal the show on Missouri State Improv

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer April 16, 2021

From high school co-captains of the Running with Scissors Improv team to college presidents of the Missouri State Improv team, alumni Carson Lolley and Charlie Foy lead the Missouri State Improv team together....

Bathed in spotlights, senior Jon Ma and freshman Brian Isele entertain the audience at the improv show Friday, Oct. 25.

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet: Running With Scissors’ Improv Horror Show

Emma Caplinger, Arts and Entertainment Section Editor October 28, 2019

Under spooky purple lights and a carefully curated soundtrack, I went into Running with Scissors’ Improv Horror Show Oct. 25 ready for some quality comedy. The team fully committed to their theme: the...

Throwing himself to the ground, senior Hayden Riehl and freshman Ross Harter improvise a scene together. Harter and Riehl were on team “Fashion Disaster” as part of the show’s “Perfect Storm” theme.

A perfect storm: Running with Scissors Improv show receives thunderous applause

Carly Anderson, Copy Editor October 30, 2018

No sex, no drugs, no rock ‘n’ roll (and definitely no smooth jazz)–these are the only restrictions you’ll find at your average Running with Scissors Improv show. Following the first “Perfect...

Inside an Improv Show

Tyler Kinzy, Sports Editor May 24, 2018

We took an inside look at the Running With Scissors Improv Team and their final show of the year May 4, 2018.

Playing an improv game, juniors Kayla Bell, Kennedy Brown, Hayden Riehl and Ann Truka act out a scene at an after school improv session.

The Running with Scissors Improv team presents a spooktacular show

Claire Smout and Carson Lolley October 28, 2016
“Improv is so much fun for me because it is not something I would normally do. It puts me out of my comfort zone and that is really cool to experience,” Lolley said.
Freshman Allani Gordon attends practice as senior Steven Ou lounges behind her.

Improv team improves with new talent

Kathryn Harter, Multimedia Editor November 17, 2015
With only four out of 20 members with experience, The Running With Scissors Improv Team is back for another year.
The entire team ends the show with a funny pose for the photographer. The team will have another show in May 8. As with every show my goal is to entertain and impress the audience. But what I hope to accomplish specifically for this show is to end the year with a bang! Weve had a super successful year and Id say my personal goal is to end the year in a good way so that it reflects how well the whole show went. Also Im pretty sure me and Kathryn are hosting the show so its important we do a good job, junior Koel Branson said.

Jurassic-prov Improv Show

Kathryn Harter, Multimedia Editor May 4, 2015
After various rescheduling issues, the Improv Team preformed on April 10. The theme was Jurassic Park.
SLAPstick humor

SLAPstick humor

Sarah Burnham, Staff Writer April 29, 2015
While caught up in the typical antics of theatre, sophomore Kent Robinson, senior Doug Browne and sophomore Caroline Vogl take center stage during the Apr. 10 improv show.
Acting on the spot

Acting on the spot

Sohia McMorrow, Staff Writer March 5, 2015

Holding a pretend beach ball, freshman Lexi Heacock improvises in a beach scene where she kicks down a sandcastle. Heacock had one line to try to explain her actions. Although this was Heacock’s first...

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