Senior Harper Stewart returns to Camp Foley as a first-year counselor

Covered head to toe in mud, senior Harper Stewart poses with a cabin mate after venturing out to a nearby swamp. Along with spontaneous mud wars, campers went wakeboarding, jet skiing and practiced their archery skills. “One of my favorite memories would be having a mud war. It looked like a scene straight out of ‘Shrek,’” Stewart said. “I had algae and mud stuck in my ears for the next week.”

Carly Anderson, Copy Editor

August 29, 2018

After attending Camp Foley in Pine River, Minn. for three years as a camper, senior Harper Stewart returned this summer to work as an intern camp counselor. “While being a camper, I had participated in the Leader in Training program, where you applied to help out with organizing camp events and such. I loved being a ...

Leaving the building and looking ahead

Students stand along Clayton road as a part of the nationwide walkout on March 14. Teachers threatened students walking out of the school with detention, but 14 students went anyway instead of attending the protest in the gym. “It felt good, to stand out there in solidarity with other students across the nation,” junior Harper Stewart said. “We linked arms, and as cars passed by they honked at us and drivers encouraged us. It was an incredibly powerful experience.”

Dani Fischer, Staff Writer

April 2, 2018

Over 200 students walked out of their classes and went to the gym to rally together with students across the nation on March 14. However, 14 students walked out the doors and to the front marquee despite warnings of discipline from the administration. “I was walking out with some of the other ...

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