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9. Fame, fortune and 15 second videos? Students share the experience of being “Tik Tok famous”

Standing in the hallways, sophomore Kyle Norman makes a Tik Tok video for his fans. Over the month of September, Norman gained over 2,000 fans on the app. “Sometimes, I feel like people don’t understand what I do or why I do [it] because I get weird looks when I make Tik Toks,” Norman said. “Nobody really thinks that it’s possible for just a normal guy like me to be so popular without showing it off to everybody.”

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer

October 3, 2019

In the past, apps like Vine and Musical.ly have been the solution to boredom around your house. They were used as replacements for Netflix or listening to music late at night, but now, Tik Tok is the way to avoid what actually needs to get done. With almost 7,000 followers and an average of 200 views per...

Inside look: student influencers make the most of social media

Sophomore Emily O’Connor smiles in a photo that she edited. O’Connor hopes that her posts have a positive effect on her followers. “Sometimes it’s hard if I’m about to post something and I think, ‘are people going to like this?’ or, ‘are people going to think I’m weird for posting this?’, but then I think about how it could affect someone and know that it could affect them positively and I just go for it,” O’Connor said.

Leah Schroeder, Staff Writer

September 27, 2019

Kylie Jenner. David Dobrik. Emma Chamberlain.  With social media being so prominent in today's society, everyone has heard the names of these Instagram influencers. Even if not everyone knows their name, student influencers have had an impact on their followers.  After senior Aaliyah Weston rose ...

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