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An unexpected beneficiary of COVID-19: the environment

The global shutdown caused by COVID-19 is helping the environment as carbon emissions are reduced.

Ashlyn Gillespie, Staff Writer

April 28, 2020

According to John Hopkins University, more than 2 million people have tested positive for COVID-19.  About 600,000 of those people have recovered, while about 160,000 have died globally. While COVID-19 is creating innumerable tragedies, there’s one unexpected beneficiary of the international shutdown: th...

Parkway works to reduce carbon footprint

A Solar Installer from Bright Energy Solar finishes installing the first array of solar panels on a Parkway roof. These specific panels were put on six years ago, but they were just added to last summer. “The most recent 75 kW installations that were put up at West High, South High, Green Trails, and Wren Hollow were completed by Straight Up Solar,” Lueders said.

Ashlyn Gillespie, Staff Writer

March 26, 2020

The National Public Radio reported earlier this month that the Australian bushfires were fully extinguished. Fueled by prolonged drought and enduring for over 240 days, the bushfires burned through more than 27 million acres of land, claimed the lives of at least 30 people and destroyed about 3,000 home...

The Environmental Club plants seeds for change

Planting seedlings in a garden at school, freshman Maura Collins, along with Environment Club, plans to donate the produce to Parkway Food Pantry once it is grown. The club began this year with the help of English teacher Casey Holland and wants to spread awareness about the environment through gardening projects and information about being environmentally friendly. “I’m passionate about the environment because my mom always loved gardening, so I spent a lot of my childhood outside,” Collins said. “I want to specialize in sustainable urban planning, so I thought some exposure from the club might be good.”

Lilly Rahm, Convergent Media Writer

May 17, 2019

In an attempt to promote green living and a healthy lifestyle, the Environmental Club began planting vegetables to donate to the Parkway Schools Food Pantry. “After being at this school for two years, I’ve recognized the need for environmental activism. I have always loved all things nature, so ...

Longhorn Council pays it forward to the environment

Admiring their work, students take a photo after decorating the sidewalks leading into the school Sunday, March 28. Longhorn Council wrote positive phrases and messages in bathrooms throughout the school and on sidewalks to prepare for Pay it Forward Week. “I had a fun time decorating mirrors and sidewalks on Sunday,” junior Quinn Berry said. “It’s so rewarding to spread positivity and make someones day in unexpected ways.”

Lydia Roseman, News Editor

May 7, 2019

Positive phrases written in colorful lettering adorn the mirrors of the bathrooms and sidewalks outside of school in honor of the annual Pay it Forward Week. The week, planned by Longhorn Council, promotes positivity and community service among students and staff by encouraging everyone to reciprocate acts of...

St. Louis youth gather downtown to demand action regarding climate change

Senior Noah Wright delivers a speech at the St. Louis Youth Climate Strike US in front of a crowd of 100. Wright was a lead organizer for the event after being inspired by what he learned in AP Environmental Science and Honors Environmental Sustainability. “For decades, our politicians have failed us by doing so little when we need so much. It is my hope they see crowds like this across the country and realize that the time for denial is over,” Wright said. “To our politicians we have one message: take action against climate change or we will vote you out.”

Maria Newton and Sabrina Bohn

March 15, 2019

The Youth Climate Strike US held a national walkout today, March 15, attended by students across the United States as part of a global movement; it is estimated that about one million students worldwide in 125 different countries took part, with more than 100 students in St. Louis going on strike in fr...

Students organize a walkout combatting environmental apathy

Senior Noah Wright makes a poster for the Youth Climate Strike on March 15. He has been an organizer for the walkout in St. Louis.

Maria Newton, Features Editor

March 14, 2019

A nation-wide walkout is being organized by students all over the nation, including senior Noah Wright, to pressure lawmakers to take action regarding climate change. “It is a call to action for lawmakers to address the threat of climate change. There are some specific demands, the most important...

Down in the dumps

Junior Milan Malhotra sorts through the trash that had been thrown in the recycling bin.

Hannah Hoffmann, News Editor

November 6, 2014

How 10 students turned trash into opportunity.

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