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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Empowered and ready to equip peers with tools to make healthy choices, juniors Krish Bhagat, Kylie Secrest and Andre Neal, and sophomores Jacob Burch, Sienna Lorenz, Maddy Tarter and McKinlay Loveless, pose for a picture after training at Parkways Welcome Center. Attendees are PATH (Parkway Peers Advocating for Total Health) heroes who received half a day of training for NOW n L8R, a program conducted by high school students to teach eighth-grade students the value of making healthy decisions. “During training, we sign a Code of Conduct and serve as role models among our peers, for younger students and in the community. We learn to teach the eighth graders to avoid harmful substances and make good decisions throughout their high school career,” Burch said.

Lethally Laced: How can students help stop the fentanyl crisis?

Raj Jaladi, Newsletter Editor May 17, 2023

On April 11, the White House called on Congress to make a historic investment of $46.1 billion for National Drug Control Program (ONDCP) agencies to counter the rapidly growing fentanyl crisis through...

Celebrating his one year sobriety mark, Trevor Shukers and his fiancée Courtney Jaboor smile with their two children: Hailee [6 years] and Sutton [20 months]. Hailee was diagnosed with autism in the middle of last year. “My three girls have all helped me find a purpose for life,” Shukers said. “I believe Hailee is part of Gods reason for helping me and giving me another chance, she needs me. Little does she know I need her more than she needs me. The girls have given me a life better than I could have ever imagined.”

Alumni Trevor Shukers’ journey from addiction to inspiration

Makinsey Drake, Staff Writer September 29, 2021

Today marks day 575 of 2012 West graduate Trevor Shukers' sobriety. After six years of drug abuse and struggling with mental illness, Shukers decided to get clean not only for himself but for his family....

Parkway hosts town hall meetings to address heroin crisis

Tyler Kinzy, Staff Writer May 11, 2018

Student drug abuse has been a well-documented issue across high school campuses nationwide as Parkway employs various tactics to discourage drug consumption. The district’s latest attempt to curtail...

Students exchange money in the hallway.

Drug problems need to be addressed

Katie Spillman, Staff Writer May 5, 2017
The smell of marijuana permeates the hall, it is never spoken about. Why?
DISCLAIMER: Student pictured above is not a member of Safe and Drug Free programs nor is quoted in the story.

Integrity in Parkway SADF falters with some student volunteers

Betsy Wait and Claire Smout March 15, 2016
In the eyes of health teachers, high school students in Drug Free programs are role models for younger students on how to live a healthy lifestyle—for the most part.
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