Missouri abortion bill strikes up controversy

Holding pro-life and pro-choice signs, students advocate for their stances on abortion rights.

Sabrina Bohn and Lydia Roseman

May 19, 2019

Students took to social media to voice their opinions in light of the Missouri General Assembly passing H.B. 126, a bill restricting abortion that Governor Mike Parson is expected to sign into law within a week. The bill, which would instantly become one of the most stringent abortion policies in the U...

Parkway West’s dress code is sexist

Photo illustration of two students standing side by side.

Katie Spillman, Staff Writer

February 3, 2017

Dress codes are an often debated policy, from courtrooms to the desks of lawmakers. The controversial point is sexism, whether these codes enforce an ulterior agenda or if they promote a safe learning space. The real question in the Parkway Dress Code Policy debate is not “Which shirt should we allow them to wear” but rather “Are the pol...

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