The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Wearing a red and black outfit to compliment her newly dyed hair, alumna Charlize Chiu poses along the streets of New York. Chiu later posted the photo to her Instagram account where she posts other photoshoots and styling videos. “Theres a lot of trial and error, like putting random pieces in my closet together and if it doesnt work out then Ill swap it out for something. There’s a lot of trying on clothes and then putting it back and seeing what works,” Chiu said. “I like to look up a lot of different inspirations on social media and Pinterest. When Im walking around the city I get inspiration from what Im seeing other people wear.”

Fashion Forward: Alumna Charlize Chiu grows a social media following as a fashion student in New York

Addie Gleason, Opinions/A&E Editor January 24, 2022

Packing up to move to New York during the summer after senior year, alumna Charlize Chiu, class of 2020, prepared for the different lifestyle of a New York fashion and business student. Although going...

Reviewing for an AP Calculus exam, junior Nayeon Ryu graphs equations on her calculator. Ryu believes that tiger parenting forces students to put scores before mental health. Most nights Im getting a maximum of four hours of sleep, even less if I have multiple tests the next day, Ryu said. My parents are really pushing me to get into a good college, and sometimes that means prioritizing my grades instead of my health or sleep.

The issue with tiger parenting

Andrew Li, Staff Writer April 11, 2019

Everyone loves Chinese food right? Orange chicken, Mongolian beef and sesame chicken are all great. These delicious foods demonstrate the pinnacle of culture mixing—yet not everything Asian mixes well...

Debuting her song “You and Me,” junior Charlize Chiu plays the guitar for her first live recording on Youtube. Chiu spent almost three months working on additional verses and instrumental parts. “The most challenging aspect of running social media accounts is finding ways to stay motivated and please everyone on each platform, including myself,” Chiu said. “Sometimes people don’t like the same things as I do, and that makes things hard.”

Junior Charlize Chiu explores the impacts of growing social media accounts

Carly Anderson, Copy Editor August 24, 2018

Growing up, junior Charlize Chiu spent her days watching Youtubers like nigahiga, Smosh and Shane Dawson. Now, she finds herself following in their footsteps with her growing Instagram and Youtube accounts....

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