This photo illustration represents tokenism, when Black and Indigeninous People of Color (BIPOC) and other minorities are used as a token of diversity because of their race or ethnicity.

The word “people” comes first in the term “people of color”

Brinda Ambal, Opinions Editor December 16, 2020

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to have a profound effect on the way we think about representation, we have taken it upon ourselves to “increase diversity.”  We read the word “diversity”...

Senior Noah Wright makes a poster for the Youth Climate Strike on March 15. He has been an organizer for the walkout in St. Louis.

Students organize a walkout combatting environmental apathy

Maria Newton, Features Editor March 14, 2019

A nation-wide walkout is being organized by students all over the nation, including senior Noah Wright, to pressure lawmakers to take action regarding climate change. “It is a call to action for...

Junior Chris Bass works on his final preparation for his U.S. Government class.

Balance means both the positive and negative

Alina Dunder, Staff Writer May 9, 2017

Every day, people check the news for an update however, instead of being informed on new issues, they are hit with unrealistic coverage, resulting in a morphed picture of reality. What the majority...

Students' thoughts on the Terrence Roberts assembly

Students’ thoughts on the Terrence Roberts assembly

Kathryn Harter, EiC Intern October 22, 2015
Hear what the students thought of Roberts' speech!
Global warming warrants change

Global warming warrants change

Emily Dickson, Staff Writer February 4, 2015
With extreme winter weather constantly hitting locations around the world, it is difficult to believe that global warming is a real problem.

Parkway teachers and staff take part in an intruder training program

Hannah Hoffmann, Staff Writer August 29, 2014
The staff and administration share stories from intruder training on Aug. 7 and discuss Parkway's future security propositions.
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