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Sophomore Caroline Judd thrives in new lifestyle after recovering from eating disorder

Drawing in her room, sophomore Caroline Judd often relies on her art, along with photography, to express herself and relieve stress. Caroline runs a photography Instagram and often posts her art on her personal Instagram. “I think when I was younger, I would dress a certain way or I would do certain things or hang out with certain people just because I thought that was what I was supposed to do,” Caroline said. “Doing what I love in art and photography and pursuing my passions has made me feel complete and makes me realize that being different is amazing and creativity is amazing.”

Sabrina Bohn, Managing EiC Intern

May 18, 2018

Always a health conscious person, sophomore Caroline Judd enjoys working out and eating healthfully. When she became depressed in the summer of 2017, these healthy habits spiraled into an obsession, turning her lifestyle into one plagued with thoughts of whether or not she was eating the right foods ...

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