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Senior Gabriel Weber learns new ways to be an adaptive athlete with the help of Beautifully Flawed retreat

Senior Gabriel Weber raises her hand alongside other retreat-goers who have lost an arm or have been born without one. Spending a week with girls living with similar situations created an accepting space for Weber. “Sometimes I have a hard time putting on necklaces, and if I couldn’t do it, they understood; they didn’t question why I couldn’t do it,” Weber said. “One time I was doing my hair, and it took me four or five times to get it to where I liked it. I had a roommate who understood because she was also born with one arm. We just kept doing our hair, and it took forever. “

Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer

November 25, 2019

Senior Gabriel Weber was born with symbrachydactyly, a congenital abnormality that left her with only one hand. Growing up with a limb difference in a world made for two-handed people put Weber in many unique situations, from difficulties tying shoes to dealing with stares from strangers.  Despi...

Students and staff stand behind new California legislation that pushes back school start times

Dressed in pajamas, seniors Teya Everts, Cate McBride and Nathan Clem walk into school at 7:15 a.m.. Everts believes that a required school start time at 8:30 a.m. implemented in California would benefit students. “I think kids would get more sleep which would help academics,” Everts said. “Even if [we] got home later, we would wake up later.”

Susie Seidel, Convergence Media Editor

October 15, 2019

Homework, school activities, work, family time, hanging out with friends. Among the priorities of high school students, sleep tends to rank at the bottom of the list. In order to encourage students to get more sleep, California has become the first state in the country to require a later school start time. High schools must start at 8:30 a.m.. This new legislation has been implemen...

Student Spotlight: Megan Barton

On the British Virgin Islands, junior Megan Barton and Corinne Schillizzi paddle board.

Lily Briscoe, Staff Writer

August 30, 2014

Junior Megan Barton spent most of her summer traveling the world, visiting places like California, Scotland, England, Wales and the British Virgin Islands, including the U.S. Virgin Island.

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